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To this day, along with Madrid, Barcelona remains one of the most liberal and gay-friendly cities anywhere in the world with many Spaniards relocating from the some of the more conservative areas of the country to live their life here to the fullest.

It'caribbean exclusive resorts s very common to see gay couples holding hands and kissing openly in streets and bars without even a hint of approbation from the cosmopolitan locals.

Thanks to the city's sensational architecture, cultural attractions.

gay nightlife scene, beautiful people and nudist beaches.

Barcelona has become a Mecca for gay tourists, comparable to the likes of Berlin, Sydney and San Francisco.

And although the gay scene is more exclusive resorts caribbean geared towards the boys, there exclusive resorts caribbean are plenty of lesbian bars and clubs, not to mention indiana water resorts hot homosexual girls, exclusive resorts caribbean for everyone to have exclusive themselves resorts caribbean a sizzling summer holidaycity break.

Above: Letting it all hang resorts and out at Mar Bella beach The heart of Barcelona's gay scene lies in the small corner of the vast sprawling Eixample district (which was thrown up in the 19th century when the city outgrew its medieval walls and expanded exponentially in a grid pattern reminiscent of New York).

The blocks around resorts exclusive caribbean Casanova chalets resorts street, above the Gran Via boulevard, are full of fantastic gay hang outs, stylish restaurants, trendy boutiques, sex shops, nightclubs and even the odd gay sauna.

No wonder this all inclusive resorts wedding packages little enclave has exclusive resorts caribbean been dubbed by locals as "Gay-xample" (or "Gaixample" for the correct Catalan spelling).

And, whereas you'll whitsunday island resorts find a disproportionally high percentage of pretty boys in tight trousers, with finely-chiselled facial hair, out walking their twin Chihuahuas, in this particular zone of Barcelona, in colorado resorts fact the city beachcombers resorts is liberal enough that you never need feel penned to 'the gay district'.

You can meet gays and lesbians at almost every cultural event.

party and resorts in cancum club in the city and plenty of hip establishments are resorts ac run by gay and gay-friendly folk all over town.

Of course it's also well worth pointing out that, just down the road from Barcelona, is Spain's premier gay beach resort, Sitges. This beautiful seaside town bustles with life all summer long, whilst in winter shiny happy people descend en masse for its world-famous carnival celebrations. Fancy manesar resorts dress is an absolute must, no matter how cold it is outside!

After all that preamble, time to get to the nitty gritty.