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It is the also the resorts destin responsibility of students couples resorts who seek disability-related accommodations and services to provide written documentation of their disabilities.

You or your program may also opt to obtain your own professional determination of whether specific requested accommodations are necessary. Effectiveness of reasonable accommodations Psychology programs are not gorge resorts required to provide the most sophisticated auxiliary aids and services available; however, igatpuri hotels and resorts they must effectively meet the needs of a student with a disability.

They should be selected after consultation with the student who will use them.

No aid or service will be useful unless it is successful in equalizing the opportunity for a particular resorts destin student with tico resorts a disability to participate in the education program or resorts destin activity.

Not all students with a similar disability benefit equally from an identical auxiliary aid or service. The program must analyze resorts destin the appropriateness of an aid or service in its specific context. For example, the type of accommodation needed by a student who hedonism resorts for singles is hearing-impaired may vary, aruba casino resorts depending upon whether family destination resorts the format is a large lecture hall or a seminar.

With the one-way communication of a lecture, the service of a note taker may be adequate, but in the two-way communication of resorts destin a seminar, an interpreter resorts destin may be needed.

Personal aids and services An issue that is often misunderstood by postsecondary officials and students is the provision of personal aids and services.

Personal aids and services, including jobs at colorado ski resorts timeshare resorts in india help resorts destin in bathing, dressing or resorts destin other personal care, are not required to be provided by postsecondary institutions.

The Section 504 regulation states: Recipients need not provide attendants, individually prescribed devices, resorts in destin readers for personal use or study, or other devices or services of a personal nature.

Title II of romantic texas resorts the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) similarly states that resorts destin personal services are not required to be luxury resorts in cayman islands provided.

Postsecondary palace resorts aventura schools are not obligated to provide personal resorts destin services relating the destination resorts to certain individual academic activities.