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The Etosha Pan, a massive swathe of salt pan covering 5,000 square kilometres is Etoshas strange but beautiful centrepiece.

Measuring an amazing rex resorts antigua 130 km long and 72 km wide, its something quite incredible to see with your own eyes.

Unsurprisingly, Etosha means huge white area or place of dry water in Owambo, and mann this resorts explains how the Park cheap puerto rico resorts got its name.

Over 12 million years ago, the pan was a shallow lake fed by the trickles of the Kunene River, but shifting tectonic movement in the turtle earths crust best 5 star all inclusive resorts has since top 10 beach resorts in the world changed the course of the river, drying up the Pan. Now, its totally unique safari terrain that is difficult to describe in words.

San legend holds that the pan was formed by a turtle beach rex resorts young woman whose only child was murdered by savage hunters.

The woman literally cried a river and her tears gathered into a great lake.

When the sun shone upon the land, it dried up the water but left the ground turtle beach rex resorts sprinkled with salt.

Its true that the pan sarasota hotels and resorts has a extraordinarily beachfront spa resorts high alkaline content, which serves to attract a whole host of wildlife needing salt for nutrition.

If turtle beach rex resorts there is exceptionally heavy eco resorts in rainfall thailand, the Pan transforms into salty sludge lake and becomes the feeding ground literally thousands of wading birds and huge flocks ganpatipule beach resorts turtle beach rex resorts of bright pink flamingos. EXPLORING ETOSHA ON A turtle beach SELF-DRIVE rex resorts SAFARI Many visitors to Etosha set off on resorts chandler self-drive safaris through the Park.

From behind your own wheel, youll happen adult beach resorts across vast herds, pass the dazzling white pan, resorts yosemite scour the savannah for wildlife and soak up the truly turtle beach rex resorts surreal scenery.

This is self-drive at its turtle beach rex resorts most epic, and it will show you a beach resorts in bahamas very unusual and completely captivating side to turtle beach rex resorts the idea of an African safari.

There are 4 main gates that lead into the Park top beach resorts - the Andersson Gate to the south, the Von Lindequist Gate to resorts in cancum the east, the Galton Gate to the south-west, and the King family poconos Nehale Lya Mpingana Gate in the north.